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misc : boxquote.el
Quote text with a semi-box in Emacs/XEmacs
boxquote provides a set of functions for using a text quoting style that partially boxes in the left hand side of an area of text, such a marking style might be used to show externally included text or example code. ,---- | The default style looks like this. `---- A number of functions are provided for quoting a region, a buffer, a paragraph and a defun. There are also functions for quoting text while pulling it in, either by inserting the contents of another file or by yanking text into the current buffer.
Version number : 1.18
Md5 : MD5 (boxquote.el) = 0eb5cf149b38997d394e98edd1e5666b SHA256 (boxquote.el) = bd67e3fcf00e15930a27fe5c5306d519fbd4e6065b37150cc2ebfda9a36ff3ac SIZE (boxquote.el) = 19643
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