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misc : brs
An interactive King James Bible
Bible Retrieval System (BRS) consists of a textual database of the Authorized ("King James") Version of the Old and New Testaments, a set of libraries for finding and retrieving text, and a program ("bible") which uses the libraries to retrieve Bible passages given references on the command line or from standard input.
Version number : 4.03
Md5 : MD5 (brs/ = 03eac0c7922a8190a5077ac65746c30b SHA256 (brs/ = f20aa348df82a2511748719d85c95d3abe39ef8bc5f73a1d6a02bae2286d8de0 SIZE (brs/ = 2438121 MD5 (brs/bible.tar.bz2) = 09ac9fe31a9ada1bcb91a16275243761 SHA256 (brs/bible.tar.bz2) = 31ee6b18b5f969500e6798cda63f82a22dcc76d47cba26d20939a100d376ed6f SIZE (brs/bible.tar.bz2) = 153375
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