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misc : buffer
Buffer sporadic I/O for faster tape and pipe throughput
This is a program designed initially to speed up writing tapes on remote tape drives, but may be used as a general pipe buffering utility. Note: You must have SYSVSHM support in FreeBSD kernel. The program splits itself into two processes. The first process reads (and reblocks) from stdin into a shared memory buffer. The second writes from the shared memory buffer to stdout. Doing it this way means that the writing side effectly sits in a tight write loop and doesn't have to wait for input. Similarly for the input side. It is this waiting that slows down other reblocking processes, like dd.
Version number : 1.19
Md5 : MD5 (buffer-1.19.tgz) = ef1f84473adb3bc2870dd5b0ad4ea82a SHA256 (buffer-1.19.tgz) = ec7da9f9737cd03c11a26f8380ab7d567b252b862b989da430b1e92db79b42c8 SIZE (buffer-1.19.tgz) = 34960
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