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misc : compat3x
A convenience package to install the compat3x libraries
This package allows you to install the compat3x libraries on your system, so you can use legacy binaries that depend on them. Usage example: .include .if ${OSVERSION} >= 400000 LIB_DEPENDS+= c.3:${PORTSDIR}/misc/compat3x .endif
Md5 : MD5 (i386/compat3x-20020925.tar.gz) = 5a710718fe6b8ff63e605bf3d8e6778c SHA256 (i386/compat3x-20020925.tar.gz) = 1f83032be92a966628164b750dc3fc9b9e20aa97f123bc6fb9f30722309b4ac4 SIZE (i386/compat3x-20020925.tar.gz) = 1624394
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