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misc : datedif
Calculates the number of days between two dates
Datedif is a simple console program that calculates the difference in days between two dates. It has two types of output, the first for scripts and the second for shellprompt use. The default output is the script-output, which is only the difference in days, not even followed by a carriage return. The second output can be accessed with the -m option, and it displays an output suitable for shellprompt use.
Version number :
Md5 : MD5 (datedif-0.9.1-4.tar.gz) = 3483ac3a5c4ce8f952c959ac3f99a1f7 SHA256 (datedif-0.9.1-4.tar.gz) = ace7ba078f43c084bff99975adae05306b748c71754e642e3127bda7c3b85a33 SIZE (datedif-0.9.1-4.tar.gz) = 10996
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