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misc : diction
GNU diction and style
This is the GNU diction and style, free implementations of old standard unix commands. For some reason, many modern systems lack them. Diction prints wordy and commonly misused phrases. Style analyses surface characteristics of a document, e.g. sentence length and various readability measures. Both commands support English and German documents. --
Version number : 1.11
Md5 : MD5 (diction-1.11.tar.gz) = 4cbdb115c976d7141f54b223df28012e SHA256 (diction-1.11.tar.gz) = 35c2f1bf8ddf0d5fa9f737ffc8e55230736e5d850ff40b57fdf5ef1d7aa024f6 SIZE (diction-1.11.tar.gz) = 141062
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