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misc : display
Runs command repeatedly; shows output
Display runs a specified command over and over, printing the output through curses(3X). The command can be compound and the delay between executions is settable on the command line. The output from the command had better fit on a single screen, of course. This can conflict with the application of the same name from the graphics/ImageMagick port/package.
Version number : 1.2a
Md5 : MD5 (display-1.2a.tgz) = 8f290fdc82e10cbc99d19a25cc790e65 SHA256 (display-1.2a.tgz) = 14fe882abff0425d9bd4042894923d027088797667fbb6b905f868a396f39b60 SIZE (display-1.2a.tgz) = 29636
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