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misc : dnetc distributed computing project client
This is the's distributed computing client. This client contains the modules for OGR and RC5-72. DES, CSC, and RC5-64 are no longer included in this client. As a "loosely knit" group of computer users from all over the world, we take up challenges which require a lot of computing power. We solve these by distributing the cpu power needed over the computers of our members. That's why we're called "" Read more about it at For your statistics, check out: For general help with the client or, mail: [email protected]
Version number : ${VERSION}
Md5 : MD5 (display-1.2a.tgz) = 8f290fdc82e10cbc99d19a25cc790e65 SHA256 (display-1.2a.tgz) = 14fe882abff0425d9bd4042894923d027088797667fbb6b905f868a396f39b60 SIZE (display-1.2a.tgz) = 29636
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