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misc : dphys-config
Tool to distribute config files
This project is aimed at installing (and keeping update) the site specific config files we want, after preprocessing them (conditional content and include files and include sections). It also triggers postinstall scripts whenever their associated config file has been changed. It can also remove config files, including running an preremove script before doing so. All this is driven by an simple config file list.
Version number : 20061020
Md5 : MD5 (dphys-config_20061020.orig.tar.gz) = bd146a834a9becf2194e86e542dcd429 SHA256 (dphys-config_20061020.orig.tar.gz) = dc84b56da4ce783567ccf972bdf54c72436492456e2a61fca74a39582253e3dd SIZE (dphys-config_20061020.orig.tar.gz) = 40823
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