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misc : earthview
Produces a view output of an arbitrary region of the Earth
Earthview produces a view or an image file output of an arbitrary region of the Earth, showing the elevation of lands and depth of oceans across the globe. It also supports other data sets such as the population density. The package only includes low-resolution samples, but earthview can make use of the GTOPO30 or ETOPO2 data sets, which have a resolution better than 1km on most land areas, and better than 4km in the oceans.
Version number : 1.0
Md5 : MD5 (earthview-1.0.tgz) = 2076221c30c771361e5affc2bb81ad16 SHA256 (earthview-1.0.tgz) = 8bbdf92a88a2c434043eb7fdfa5a99e42c129688b83442cd00f5b46ee0d37411 SIZE (earthview-1.0.tgz) = 1988671
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