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misc : ed2k
Calculates 'eMule' hashes or producing ed2k:// file links
This tool takes files and calculates the final 'eEmule' hashes for then. It also spits out the complete ed2k:// link in the end. Note: This hashes differ from 'eDonkey/mldonkey' hashes when the size of a files is a mutiple of 9728000 Bytes.
Version number : 1.4
Md5 : MD5 (ed2k.c) = 3e6e3dac4f3d4c068bb6995ec9815ba4 SHA256 (ed2k.c) = 08f3f81278bd6cf6d5fdf04d2ea796255a8d73808f4ddd12fd18f6142eb39bb2 SIZE (ed2k.c) = 9422
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