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misc : figlet-fonts
Assorted fonts for the figlet(6) program
This port installs around 150 fonts for the figlet(6) program. Most of these are better suited for demonstrating the level of boredom somebody reached rather than regular use.
Version number : 20020913
Md5 : MD5 (contributed.tar.gz) = 6e2dec4499f7a7fe178522e02e0b6cd1 SHA256 (contributed.tar.gz) = 2c569e052e638b28e4205023ae717f7b07e05695b728e4c80f4ce700354b18c8 SIZE (contributed.tar.gz) = 1393560 MD5 (international.tar.gz) = b2d53f7e251014adcdb4d407c47f90ef SHA256 (international.tar.gz) = e6493f51c96f8671c29ab879a533c50b31ade681acfb59e50bae6b765e70c65a SIZE (international.tar.gz) = 3683121
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