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misc : findutils
The GNU find utilities
The Free Software Foundation's "find" utilities, including "find", "locate", and "xargs". These utilities exist in the FreeBSD base collection, but the GNU versions have added functionality that is sometimes useful. Note that this port will install these utilities with a `g' prefix, eg., glocate, gfind, gxargs, but the texinfo documentation will refer to these utilities without the `g' prefix.
Version number : 4.2.33
Md5 : MD5 (findutils-4.2.33.tar.gz) = b7e35aa175778c84942b1fee4144988b SHA256 (findutils-4.2.33.tar.gz) = 813cd9405aceec5cfecbe96400d01e90ddad7b512d3034487176ce5258ab0f78 SIZE (findutils-4.2.33.tar.gz) = 1455067 MD5 (findutils-4.2.33.tar.gz.sig) = 0e6ce802ed6769f430fc9865de3bb433 SHA256 (findutils-4.2.33.tar.gz.sig) = b277e01dfeac283e0e66e90a9bc0fba1a363ee821cdfc1d33d05f714eb7ca1b5 SIZE (findutils-4.2.33.tar.gz.sig) = 65
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