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misc : gkrellscore
Plugin to GKrellM that displays current sports scores
This is a plugin for gkrellm that watches sports scores of current games, and shows them in a panel in a form like atl 11-3 cin (Atlanta 11, Cincinatti 3). When you put the mouse over the panel for a second, the tooltip that comes up shows the full names of both teams, their scores, the period of the game (if applicable), the time that it will start if it hasn't yet, the date of the game, etc. Author: Paul Cannon - Patrick Li
Version number : 0.0.2
Md5 : MD5 (gkrellscore_0.0.2.tar.gz) = 21541cb551218a266906ca1ecf51b115 SHA256 (gkrellscore_0.0.2.tar.gz) = 9eb9fb03bdaf0046806aa7688b1fcd1eb5b6beea6865bd6cf7b4748e54ab3e6a SIZE (gkrellscore_0.0.2.tar.gz) = 15704
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