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misc : gplbp
GNOME Pilot Logbook application
This is GNU Pilot LogBook Pro, version 0.92, which is a program to allow Pilots (aviation type pilots, not palm pilots) to log all of their flight info, total up hours/landings and more. - Chris D. Faulhaber
Version number : 0.92
Md5 : MD5 (gplbp-0.92.tar.gz) = 1983e30a6d904735c33e8b097a60d2fd SHA256 (gplbp-0.92.tar.gz) = 49833fa6a83b7f9c9eafdc457b867fa2ce5f5becfb3afaaa87dafcd1ffdd9ed2 SIZE (gplbp-0.92.tar.gz) = 74977
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