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misc : gtkfind
The program to use to have to remember all the options to find(1)
gtkfind is the program to use when you don't want to have to remember all the options to find(1). It is a graphical program that allows you to search for files and (optionally) perform operations on them. You can search for files by using wildcards, by matching file types and/or permissions, etc. gtkfind requires X and the GTK+ toolkit. It is still under development, but has reached a stage where it is actually useful.
Version number : 1.1
Md5 : MD5 (gtkfind-1.1.tar.gz) = e7b89ed37dead10500ff8e5d539efbeb SHA256 (gtkfind-1.1.tar.gz) = 3fd70924ee140f5f55e17d5d253004e711e55c850fe113c093a1b6acc30790aa SIZE (gtkfind-1.1.tar.gz) = 68594
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