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misc : hb
A simple, but complete budget management in Python
HB is a simple Home Budget management system. As such, it is only mildly interesting. However, it's real purpose is to demonstrate how to write a complete application in Python. It is loaded with comments as well as a lot of explanatory material which should help anyone interested in learning Python better. - tim [email protected]
Version number : 1.88
Md5 : MD5 (hb-1.88.tar.gz) = 74dd1b727fff4c7883b9540ca0c81fae SHA256 (hb-1.88.tar.gz) = 3e129714463f287ad05992e7f3f1284bdc95d9e4e6d0cd98b9ff4fca9658cf6e SIZE (hb-1.88.tar.gz) = 30452
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