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misc : katalog
CD organizer for KDE
Katalog is a CD organizer for the K Desktop Environment. If you have many Cds and tons of downloaded files, but you aren't able to remember where you put a file when you need it, then Katalog may help you. This application scans a folder and stores infos about each file, the results are put in tree called Catalog, you can add as many catalogs as you like and search them all in seconds.
Version number : 0.4
Md5 : MD5 (katalog-0.4.tar.gz) = c65c1edb10be4c6db06d56d73837619d SHA256 (katalog-0.4.tar.gz) = d12e1ec864415ea26a27497d2512a1e36891e8ae6040474b5e2d1b6259da28ea SIZE (katalog-0.4.tar.gz) = 209439 MD5 (katalog.cmake.diff) = 2f5afe25abfc93be3d815721ad53744d SHA256 (katalog.cmake.diff) = c4e446615a47e48c923c4615d6226807c8953c26b56ba673364c1fc2e5690fb3 SIZE (katalog.cmake.diff) = 18384
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