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The Keyboard Practicer, touch-type training program
This is kp, the Keyboard Practicer. Kp shows a keyboard and practice text. If you hit the right keys, the cursor advances. The keys you hit appear to be pushed in for your amusement. It also shows the next key you have to hit in reverse-video so that you don't have to watch your fingers. After you get rid of the habit of watching your fingers, you can turn off the next-key showing to perfect your typing. Kp has a "filter" feature which will let you select the keys you want to practice. When this is enabled, only words entirely consisting of those characters are displayed. Satoshi [email protected]
Version number : 1.00
Md5 : MD5 (kp-1.00.tar.gz) = 106a13d6d370c94607c9d7c7bfc72f1c SHA256 (kp-1.00.tar.gz) = a34ee8fa64212118598a027d456f9a77f2e0c69c5f633a962bb615a70bb2ab8c SIZE (kp-1.00.tar.gz) = 25826
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