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misc : linux-edonkey-tool-recovermet
Tool that tries to re-create x.part.met files compromised due to crash
This is a tool for eDonkey2000 that re-creates x.part.met files that have been lost or set zero size after a crash. Obviously, this only works if the x.part file in your temp folder survives. Only those 9MB blocks will be saved which have been fully downloaded, but you'll be able to continue your download. The tool tries to find the best match from information stored in the known.met file and all the x.part.met files in the temp folder. Therefore, you can increase the chance of recovery by searching for the file you are trying to restore and put as many possible candidates as you can find in the download list (which you can cancel again after using this tool). N.B. Obviously these candidates should have the same size as your download was/is supposed to have! Therefore, if your download was supposed to be 699MB when finished, files with 720MB or 750MB are NOT likely candidates, even if the name is the same.
Version number : 0.0.2
Md5 : MD5 (ed2k_recovermet.gz) = bc25fae29e31582e47d32e027d1ab2fd SIZE (ed2k_recovermet.gz) = 186240
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