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misc : lv
Powerful Multilingual File Viewer
lv is a powerful multilingual file viewer. lv can decode and encode multilingual streams through many coding systems, for example, ISO 2022 based coding systems such as iso-2022-jp, and Unicode streams encoded in UTF-7 or UTF-8. lv can be used not only as a file viewer but also as a coding-system translation filter. lv can recognize multi-bytes patterns as regular expressions, and lv also provides multilingual grep (1) functionality by giving it another name, lgrep.
Version number : 4.51
Md5 : MD5 (lv451.tar.gz) = 85b70ae797f935741ec9a1cbe92f00e9 SHA256 (lv451.tar.gz) = e1cd2e27109fbdbc6d435f2c3a99c8a6ef2898941f5d2f7bacf0c1ad70158bcf SIZE (lv451.tar.gz) = 605082
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