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misc : mbuffer
A tool for buffering data streams
mbuffer is a tool for buffering data streams. It is also a raplacement for buffer with additional functionality: - display of i/o speed - optional use of memory mapped i/o for huge buffer files - multithreaded instead of sharedmemory ipc - multi-volume support - auto-loader support - network support - buffer compatible command-line options
Version number : 2006.07.28
Md5 : MD5 (mbuffer-20060728.tgz) = 92310e1e06b248a22b37ad76f13c1339 SHA256 (mbuffer-20060728.tgz) = b5584ccba77d151e160f1b6ef16ec9690b965a322c05fd7b2dbcfc5a7278691b SIZE (mbuffer-20060728.tgz) = 77820
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