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misc : mc-light
A lightweight Midnight Commander clone
Advanced Midnight Commander 4.1.40 by Olegarch. The goal of this project is creating a stable, well-working, usefull console-only version of well-known Midnight Commander, without bugs and garbage, like tk, xv and gnome.
Version number : 4.1.40.p9
Md5 : MD5 (mc-4.1.40-pre9.tar.gz) = cef881f92889640a7d8be81707ff202c SHA256 (mc-4.1.40-pre9.tar.gz) = dd588309674f915f8d61536aeb922f4da2af83210cf77a230a8e4502fc534484 SIZE (mc-4.1.40-pre9.tar.gz) = 1214767
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