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misc : mirmon
Monitor the status of mirrors
Many project are mirrored worldwide. Mirmon helps in monitoring these mirrors. In a concise graphic format, mirmon shows each site's history of the last two weeks, making it easy to spot stale or dead mirrors. Mirmon quietly probes a subset of the sites in a given list, writes the results in the 'state' file, and generates a Web page with the results
Version number : 1.38
Md5 : MD5 (mirmon-1.38.tar.gz) = 71ca84082700d251fc7b15d1544a1ab1 SHA256 (mirmon-1.38.tar.gz) = 5defb2c0890d3461a2b8dd8cc3efc4c63c0814c043cb227a69b4a457a38b0ce3 SIZE (mirmon-1.38.tar.gz) = 33021
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