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misc : mshell
A Unix menuing shell
Mshell was written to shield users (and other non-Unix gurus, like mathematicians and secretaries in the department) from "raw" Unix. It is as flexible as you can get (supports full shell capabilities like pipes, etc. inside the menu commands) but simple to write menus for. It is was developed for Nyx, a free, public access Unix system. Indeed, you're welcome to try Nyx -- log into Nyx as: - telnet to (, user 'new'. - call 303-381-9840
Version number : 1.0
Md5 : MD5 (7432.Z) = 1bbfe1b922ad2ffbe3456cd7ce0f5117 SHA256 (7432.Z) = fadf902b67bcc4ec117ba0e64557e43697b77a4544fd25426a74a546383a01c1 SIZE (7432.Z) = 26827
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