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misc : mtx
Control SCSI media changer devices
Mtx(1) is a set of low level driver programs to control features of SCSI backup related devices such as autoloaders, tape changers, mediajukeboxes, and tape drives. It can also report much data, including serial numbers, maximum block sizes, and TapeAlert(tm) messages that most modern tape drives implement, as well as do raw SCSI READ and WRITE commands to tape drives. It works like chio(1) but supports more features and drives and runs in users land. There are some amanda (misc/amanda24-server) scripts, which depend on mtx.
Version number : 1.2.17rel
Md5 : MD5 (mtx-1.2.17rel.tar.gz) = d60f7b003edc6f9d34753b8f6c447515 SHA256 (mtx-1.2.17rel.tar.gz) = 1d20ade209a58c854e9eb5d7101eee443be6833507e7794d4d3af792617577e0 SIZE (mtx-1.2.17rel.tar.gz) = 159071
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