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misc : najitool
A tool that generates, converts, and filters files
najitool generates and/or makes altered copies of files in the patterns you specify or shows to the screen. najitool is being developed in the ANSI C standard so it should work and compile on any system that supports ANSI C, which should be every system.
Version number : 0.8.1
Md5 : MD5 (najitool-0.8.1.src.tar.gz) = 3289a90cb34d9d7541b90d2cd0923b4a SHA256 (najitool-0.8.1.src.tar.gz) = e35b166b3816cc0d4476f5dcfb048fe7d53ccc98515f758eb134de8f67695019 SIZE (najitool-0.8.1.src.tar.gz) = 34133
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