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misc : p5-Acme-ButFirst
Do something, but first do something else
Acme::ButFirst allows you to execute a block of code, but first do something else. Perfect for when you wish to add to the start of a long block of code, but don't have the energy to scroll upwards in your editor. Acme::ButFirst recognises both butfirst and but first as keywords. Usage of Acme::ButFirst is lexically scoped. ButFirstification can be explicitly disabled by using no Acme::ButFirst.
Version number : 1.00
Md5 : MD5 (Acme-ButFirst-1.00.tar.gz) = 238401d6f109549b8fd6a43a86de7ce3 SHA256 (Acme-ButFirst-1.00.tar.gz) = cd119eac1a273926628b77ff1091a3ecd8a87a9bd877ad7d5fe05257010f8303 SIZE (Acme-ButFirst-1.00.tar.gz) = 2909
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