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misc : p5-Array-Compare
Perl extension for comparing arrays
Array::Compare is a Perl module which allows you to compare two arrays. It has a number of features which allow you to control the way that the arrays are compared: * white space in array elements can be significant or ignored. * particular columns in the arrays can be ignored. Additionally you can get a simple true/false return value or the number of columns which differ or an array containing the indexes of the differing columns.
Version number : 1.14
Md5 : MD5 (Array-Compare-1.14.tar.gz) = 3042eb843496c10ff37a73d50dbc6746 SHA256 (Array-Compare-1.14.tar.gz) = 1713c0c881fa177b30997bd2ff3e8c15de5500f4e7e92055fc2173559ea56653 SIZE (Array-Compare-1.14.tar.gz) = 8413
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