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misc : p5-Array-IntSpan
Module for handling arrays using IntSpan techniques
`Array::IntSpan' brings the speed advantages of `Set::IntSpan' (written by Steven McDougall) to arrays. Uses include manipulating grades, routing tables, or any other situation where you have mutually exclusive ranges of integers that map to given values. `Array::IntSpan::IP' is also provided with the distribution. It lets you use IP addresses in any of three forms (dotted decimal, network string, and integer) for the indices into the array. See the POD for that module for more information.
Version number : 2.001
Md5 : MD5 (Array-IntSpan-2.001.tar.gz) = 48f3f3f6629bcad8018aabb4e990fb23 SHA256 (Array-IntSpan-2.001.tar.gz) = dfe46ab0571de3c9d2b37b70926fafe7441140c28f0b967725834a0bbbe4b364 SIZE (Array-IntSpan-2.001.tar.gz) = 14498
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