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misc : p5-Business-ISBN-Data
Data pack for Business::ISBN
Business::ISBN uses this "data pack" to do its work. You can update Business::ISBN::Data independently of the main module as the various ISBN organizations assign new publisher codes. The ISBN agency lists these data at The distribution should include the kludegy script used to extract the data and format the data structure.
Version number : 1.17
Md5 : MD5 (Business-ISBN-Data-1.17.tar.gz) = 124ca2be2939da63029178b06395ddfa SHA256 (Business-ISBN-Data-1.17.tar.gz) = 119f399185bc40d6578ebee74a4402216737c99e5eadbf6cc04fb2aecfa024b5 SIZE (Business-ISBN-Data-1.17.tar.gz) = 10478
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