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misc : p5-Business-ISIN
Validate International Securities Identification Numbers
Business::ISIN is a class which validates ISINs (International Securities Identification Numbers), the codes which identify shares in much the same way as ISBNs identify books. An ISIN consists of two letters, identifying the country of origin of the security according to ISO 3166, followed by nine characters in [A-Z0-9], followed by a decimal check digit.
Version number : 0.20
Md5 : MD5 (Business-ISIN-0.20.tgz) = 7ecaaca5ff42f90298c60564ebdfa33c SHA256 (Business-ISIN-0.20.tgz) = 8ddb8301f276e4c7fa90a803621a79c4b693b4ba958674b9493791585d93d18e SIZE (Business-ISIN-0.20.tgz) = 4517
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