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misc : p5-Chatbot-Eliza
A clone of the classic Eliza program
This module implements the classic Eliza algorithm. The original Eliza program was written by Joseph Weizenbaum and described in the Communications of the ACM in 1967. Eliza is a mock Rogerian psychotherapist. It prompts for user input, and uses a simple transformation algorithm to change user input into a follow-up question. The program is designed to give the appearance of understanding.
Version number : 1.04
Md5 : MD5 (Chatbot-Eliza-1.04.tar.gz) = 754199bbe591eaa11301aee108586fcd SHA256 (Chatbot-Eliza-1.04.tar.gz) = cc477e373c7cb4ee77ab6d50d4d6f19a6fe3a12ff1d4d555524031101c9a4a0f SIZE (Chatbot-Eliza-1.04.tar.gz) = 38361
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