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misc : p5-Geo-Postcodes-DK
Danish postcodes with associated information
Tired og entering the postal name all the time? This is not necessary, as it is uniquely defined from the postcode. Request the postcode only, and use this library to get the postal name.
Version number : 0.31
Md5 : MD5 (Geo-Postcodes-DK-0.31.tar.gz) = 1fe2c18307dd0dd241a5ab27da14a7ff SHA256 (Geo-Postcodes-DK-0.31.tar.gz) = df7c882b1b0304863ac86d2023c2cb89530f734be435939eb810421072e7e844 SIZE (Geo-Postcodes-DK-0.31.tar.gz) = 29344
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