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misc : p5-Geo-Postcodes-NO
Norwegian postcodes with associated information
Tired of entering the postal location all the time? This is not necessary, as it is uniquely defined from the postcode. Request the postcode only, and use this library to get the postal name. The library can also tell you in which borough by name or number and county by name the postcode is located. The borough number can be handy, as it is used when reporting wages and tax to the Norwegian Tax Administration.
Version number : 0.31
Md5 : MD5 (Geo-Postcodes-NO-0.31.tar.gz) = a61a15e8afa754a8d8d1247fb317cb81 SHA256 (Geo-Postcodes-NO-0.31.tar.gz) = 2c314206726eb759780329426189d5d3c9a85c9bc8fec91ec9535875de59f54f SIZE (Geo-Postcodes-NO-0.31.tar.gz) = 70562
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