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misc : p5-Geo-Weather
Perl module to retrieve weather information from
The Geo::Weather module retrieves the current weather from when given city and state or a US zip code. After fetching the weather, the module can print a general weather report, or return specific values (ie: URL to a picture of the current weather for use on a website, current numerical values for wind speed, temperature, dew point, etc).
Version number : 1.41
Md5 : MD5 (Geo-Weather-1.41.tar.gz) = da8c1a17e74018ac15874b52fd3579e7 SHA256 (Geo-Weather-1.41.tar.gz) = 0de3680876198c5af2dc66edd6257d1ea9212df11ebec7217a5e759f0bf43a9c SIZE (Geo-Weather-1.41.tar.gz) = 8744
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