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misc : p5-I18N-LangTags
Functions for dealing with RFC-1766-style language tags
Language tags are a formalism, described in RFC 1766, for declaring what language form (language and possibly dialect) a given chunk of information is in. This library provides functions for common tasks involving language tags (notably the extraction of them, comparing them, and testing the formal validity of them) as is needed in a variety of protocols and applications.
Version number : 0.35
Md5 : MD5 (I18N-LangTags-0.35.tar.gz) = baa1e87e8559f488997081a7cb837f66 SHA256 (I18N-LangTags-0.35.tar.gz) = 5e0eb84a6949d721f8d12854904cee1fe1f1dbf346b63b556a8450344f74bc45 SIZE (I18N-LangTags-0.35.tar.gz) = 30636
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