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misc : p5-LEGO-RCX
Perl module for communicating with the Lego RCX brick via the IR tower
LEGO::RCX is a perl module for communicating with your LEGO(tm) Mindstorms(tm) RCX computer through the IR dongle. It is an object-oriented module with methods for everything from controlling the motors, reading sensors, modifying program variables, and getting data from the DataLog.
Version number : 1.01
Md5 : MD5 (LEGO-RCX-1.01.tar.gz) = 7c09128eb2703d35c19a9e55e8dc0a05 SHA256 (LEGO-RCX-1.01.tar.gz) = 6d1209bb23070d96bc8106fd3cb5994a43a471fc04dfcc452de08fc02aa6a9c2 SIZE (LEGO-RCX-1.01.tar.gz) = 17539
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