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misc : p5-Net-vCard
Read and write vCard files (RFC 2426)
Net::vCard - Read and write vCard files (RFC 2426). vCard files hold personal information that you would typically find on a business card. Name, numbers, addresses, and even logos. This module can also serve as a base class for other vFile readers.
Version number : 0.5
Md5 : MD5 (Net-vCard-0.5.tar.gz) = 1b509f9828aeeb923dc73487632947b3 SHA256 (Net-vCard-0.5.tar.gz) = cb85aec039af7c497b071ae62aed3afedc963b1b46c453de88f5ba53cf9bc9fa SIZE (Net-vCard-0.5.tar.gz) = 18191
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