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misc : pantry
Command-line nutrition analysis program
Pantry is a command-line oriented nutrient analysis program. It is a true command-line program: there are no menus, there are no prompts. Instead, you simply type commands from your shell prompt, and Pantry does what you ask it to do, displaying results if you have asked it to do that. In addition to using Pantry from your shell prompt, you also interact with it through XML files. Using XML, you can edit Pantry's configuration file. You can also add nutrient information for custom foods (though Pantry includes nutrient information for over 7,000 foods to get you started) and recipes using XML.
Version number : 0.${DISTVERSION}
Md5 : MD5 (pantry-23.tar.gz) = c81dae24a7fa9bf3048f499ac0f921f3 SHA256 (pantry-23.tar.gz) = 8cdb6c449ef8ab97068dd94f7f1de4f61f75f3a665ec970ceabf38dbfc56b2a3 SIZE (pantry-23.tar.gz) = 8155757
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