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misc : pear-Services_Weather
PEAR interface to various online weather-services
Services_Weather searches for given locations and retrieves current weather data and, dependent on the used service, also forecasts. Up to now, GlobalWeather from CapeScience, Weather XML from EJSE (US only), a XOAP service from and METAR from are supported. Further services will get included, if they become available, have a usable API and are properly documented.
Version number : 1.4.2
Md5 : MD5 (PEAR/Services_Weather-1.4.2.tgz) = 6d0bb76bfc56527cb8d013eac196f05a SHA256 (PEAR/Services_Weather-1.4.2.tgz) = d383465eb3e0f2a5336225658ec5646a582218830ee878c573ee04e61a26b0fe SIZE (PEAR/Services_Weather-1.4.2.tgz) = 53471
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