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misc : pylize
A presentation generation tool
pylize is a presentation generation tool. Among its features are: * generates a template master document * creates a set of HTML slides from the master document * automatically creates the table of contents and distributes it to serveral slides if necessary * a nice CSS driven slide layout, including logo, navigation links, progress-bar etc. * easy navigation by accesskeys and single-key presses (through JavaScript) * easy changing of layout through templates * all information for a presentation in one master file, but configurable through a per-user options file * fully localized
Version number : 1.3.b
Md5 : MD5 (pylize-1.3b.tar.bz2) = ab88ef521602c826390fe919b6bc572e SHA256 (pylize-1.3b.tar.bz2) = 8de876e2581a556e23d538b3ed5b970929a51c236b24c1fd5161c26c8c42bb44 SIZE (pylize-1.3b.tar.bz2) = 70979
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