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misc : quotes
Quote, currency, and Slashdot headline fetcher based on Perl
This is a stock quote / currency status / Slashdot headline fetcher. It was designed to save bandwidth, which is particularly expensive in Europe. It has the capability of emailing these to you at so and so time designated by a crontab entry for its automailing program. This entire package is based on Perl.
Version number : 1.7.2
Md5 : MD5 (quotes-1.7-2.tar.gz) = 4b13f82d05f6588409c39f9f59c5f4ab SHA256 (quotes-1.7-2.tar.gz) = afa4c1ba329d5da770cb8d0b8fdc4c4d1951df5a3c3b9485f653094f8a20ca2b SIZE (quotes-1.7-2.tar.gz) = 31051
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