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misc : quranref
An interactive Quran (Koran)
Quranref offers simple tools for word and passage-based access to M. H. Shakir's translation of the Holy Qur'an. With Quranref, you can perform most of the more basic, low-level functions commercial browsing packages offer (and perhaps a few not found in some of the commercial Qur'an study packages). You can, for example, - retrieve any passage by section:verse number - move forward or backward relative to the retrieved passage - search the entire Qur'an for words and/or word-patterns - search for word co-occurrences (or the absence thereof) - save passages and/or passage-lists for use with an editor Although this program is hardly the product of any major research effort, it should prove sophisticated enough for casual use. Its main fault right now is that it relies on a scanned text which is positively rife with errors.
Version number : 1.01
Md5 : MD5 (quranref-1.01.tar.gz) = 2e753665e9a365de28f8b932a547eb50 SHA256 (quranref-1.01.tar.gz) = 2bbdc42b64cbc09d71280c8db027ef79bd8ca434ed77707d7d1d608859bd1610 SIZE (quranref-1.01.tar.gz) = 381222
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