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misc : ruby-vpim
vCard and iCalendar support for ruby
This is a pure-ruby library for decoding and encoding vCard and iCalendar data ("personal information") called vPim. vCard (RFC 2426) is a format for personal information, see Vpim::Vcard and Vpim::Maker::Vcard. iCalendar (RFC 2445) is a format for calendar related information, see Vpim::Icalendar. vCard and iCalendar support is built on top of an implementation of the MIME Content-Type for Directory Information (RFC 2425). The basic RFC 2425 format is implemented by Vpim::DirectoryInfo and Vpim::DirectoryInfo::Field.
Version number : 0.360
Md5 : MD5 (ruby/vpim-0.360.tgz) = cdaf019b9cc23bc95c3bb7c2a2b50ea6 SHA256 (ruby/vpim-0.360.tgz) = 1f31a0ab57d8cfb3ab9107071574a60aef805781a4c0f97e665899139dca7c3f SIZE (ruby/vpim-0.360.tgz) = 191739
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