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misc : sls
List information about file(s) and directories
Sls is a program designed to overcome the limitations of the standard UNIX ls(1) program, providing a more consistent interface to file inode information. It is particularly designed for use by shell scripts to make obtaining informa- tion about files easier. It uses printf(3)-style format strings to control the sorting and output of file informa- tion.
Version number : 1.00
Md5 : MD5 (sls.tar.gz) = 0fd7f8c19230e629d81cb7ed3eb86511 SHA256 (sls.tar.gz) = b4624b241bc1bd52a4b038eff19f5fc69d34ba5ba99aca901e4c9b50c66813bd SIZE (sls.tar.gz) = 13806
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