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misc : spamcalc
Calculates "DNS-spam"-values for hostnames
Spamcalc takes a hostname or a list of hostnames and determines a dns spam score for each hostname. This value is an indication for the spam-ness of the hostname. The higher the score, the higher the chance that the hostname is actually a dns spam hostname. Hostnames that are considered dns spam are hostnames with (a part of) a sentence in them (, swearwords ( and other forms of unwanted textual data (,
Version number : 0.5
Md5 : MD5 (sc-0.5.tgz) = af4810f5446c28615d0f30ece6393370 SHA256 (sc-0.5.tgz) = 7dacf7687fbf9ada62e015ab15a82d0d2bb17aaaaf9cac89d8fb23966f3145f4 SIZE (sc-0.5.tgz) = 19304
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