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misc : table.el
Create and edit WYSIWYG text based embedded tables in Emacs
Table.el is an Emacs lisp package that extends Emacs and provides text based table creation and editing feature. With this package Emacs is capable of editing tables that are embedded inside a document, the feature similar to the ones seen in modern WYSIWYG word processors. A table is a rectangular text area consisting from a surrounding frame and content inside the frame. The content is usually subdivided into multiple rectangular cells, see the actual tables used below in this document. Once a table is recognized, editing operation inside a table cell is confined into that specific cell's rectangular area. This means that typing and deleting characters inside a cell do not affect any outside text but introduces appropriate formatting only to the cell contents. If necessary for accommodating added text in the cell, the cell automatically grows vertically and/or horizontally.
Version number : 1.5.54
Md5 : MD5 (table-1.5.54.el.gz) = bf610808fa37ec0c6393e841d99defd9 SHA256 (table-1.5.54.el.gz) = af7f3337e1dc517bcb9f5683103d5e32a34dcf311f1187a02660fc3642089cba SIZE (table-1.5.54.el.gz) = 58136
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