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misc : talkfilters
Set of filters to convert English text to various stereotyped dialects
The GNU Talk Filters are filter programs that convert ordinary English text into text that mimics a stereotyped or otherwise humorous dialect. Each program reads from standard input and writes to standard output. The filters include: austro, b1ff, brooklyn, chef, cockney, drawl, dubya, fudd, funetak, jethro, jive, kraut, pansy, pirate, postmodern, redneck, valspeak, and warez.
Version number : 2.3.8
Md5 : MD5 (talkfilters-2.3.8.tar.gz) = c11c6863a1c246a8d49a80a1168b54c8 SHA256 (talkfilters-2.3.8.tar.gz) = 4681e71170af06c6bffcd4e454eff67224cde06f0d678d26dc72da45f02ecca6 SIZE (talkfilters-2.3.8.tar.gz) = 821338
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