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misc : tempcontrol
Temperature control for fermenting beer and other applications
Tempcontrol is a temperature control program. In its current version it is specifically designed to control the temperature of beer fermenters in a fridge. It controls the temperatures when necessary by turning on either the fridge motor to cool the surroundings, or a light bulb to warm them. The specific brewing-related details are relatively minor, and future versions may become more general-purpose. Read the file README in the distribution for more information. At a later date there will be real documentation.
Version number : 1.2
Md5 : MD5 (tempcontrol-1.2.tar.gz) = e227220f7a31046a27608f2f098862fd SHA256 (tempcontrol-1.2.tar.gz) = 4b7cb379992403471f218eb2a74ef5c65ab268e47637910e989a3c1667bb5f68 SIZE (tempcontrol-1.2.tar.gz) = 129913
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